Yesterday after work, I started cold-calling students from my list of potentials for seminary. I talked to a few parents. Some students I don’t know at all answered the phone and I invited them out to seminary. 6:45. IN THE MORNING. Before regular school starts. Some students will be commuting from Brooklyn because they attend high school in Manhattan. I talked logistics with some students about having to leave class early because everyone’s high school seems to start at a different time.

Talking to people I don’t know sometimes makes me nervous. Talking to people about something they might not necessarily be enthusiastic about makes me a little more nervous. Get up early to huh? Excuse me? Of course, I never got those responses. Everyone knows what early-morning seminary is. Still, it’s kind of insane. Parents are usually pretty encouraging, and they support me when I call the students. Church leaders definitely back me up, and that feels pretty good.

Still, though. Strangers. And very smart, young strangers. It’s a bit daunting.

I got to someone I actually know on my list. This student’s family and I are pretty good friends; we go back almost four years. I dialed their number, and their voicemail picked up. I said hi, how are you? This is May, and this message is actually for [student]. Then Student picked up the phone. She said hi. Then I said I’m actually calling to tell you about seminary. She asked are you teaching seminary? And I said yes. And she asked where are you teaching, and I said the Lincoln Center Building. And she said REALLY? And I said yes. And she said NO WAY, ARE YOU SERIOUS? And I laughed and said yes. And she said, THAT’S SO AWESOME. FIRST YOU WERE UPTOWN THEN YOU WERE DOWNTOWN AND NOW THEY HAVE YOU TEACHING WHERE I’M GOING TO GO. I’M SO EXCITED! And I said so am I. We’re studying the New Testament this year, and it’s going to be awesome. We’re going to have a lot of fun. Then she said YAY! Then she handed the phone to the mom and we proceeded to plan when I’d be able to visit for dinner.

That student? I have to thank. She made my day and made me oh-so-stoked about teaching again this year. I LOVE the New Testament; I love studying the man, the deity around whom the gospel centers. It really is going to be a wonderful year.

And I’m glad I have a dinner appointment with these good friends. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them. Um, I haven’t seen them since … the Super Bowl?

Now, if only Tim and Susan would call…

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