Not quite the daydream …

I scheduled for today a meeting with my co-teacher of our seminary class. Union Square building, 6:30. I arrived a little bit after 6, because I couldn’t remember what time I told her. I set my things down. I broke out my notebook and wrote up an agenda for the first day of class. I came up with an outline for the meeting. We were going to discuss our progress contacting the students, schedule the first two weeks of classes and detail the first two days of overview.

It was getting close to 7:00, and I was getting a little concerned. I was worried I told her the wrong day or time or place, and I started doubting myself. All of a sudden, my cell phone rang. I answered it, and it was the other teacher. She just got off the train and was around the corner and on her way.

A few seconds before that, I looked out the window of the church building and saw a grey-haired man with sunglasses. He wore an orange shirt. He stood across the street from the building with a red-haired woman whose back was facing me. I instantly recognized this couple.

Goblins. Abandon.

I opened the main door to the church as the other teacher approached. (I kept the door locked.) I avoided gawking as I smiled at the other teacher as she entered the building. And I let those neighbors see me. When I closed the door, I let the other teacher know who was standing across the street. Then the other teacher stared. I turned around, and I noticed Tim kind of staring back at us.

Those two were waiting for a ride. One of those electric, city golf-car looking things pulled up to the curb. A couple was in the car. They got out and shook Tim’s and Susan’s hands. They all got into the car, except for Tim. It appeared someone dropped something, then everyone got back out of the car to look for it.

Then other church people came into the church building, the bishop and one of his counselors. We talked to them. (I kept wanting to peek out the window and my daydream to become a reality though, somehow: for that couple to knock on the door and I’d let them in, and we’d have a riveting conversation about whatever. Quite possiblty church. Then we’d make plans for lunch. You know the deal.)

The next time I looked out the window, Tim and Susan and the electric car were gone. I started my meeting.

They’ve seen me, though. And they know where I go to church.

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