I had the strangest dream with Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor last night. Part of it was on a tour bus or van, where we sat and I’d ask them questions. Part of it was watching them play volleyball. Not beach, but indoor. And part of it was at my childhood home in Middleburg. I mean, it started out with me and some friends (I don’t remember which ones) driving the van to the sports venue, and I didn’t know we were going to see Kerri and Misty. But one of my friends knew them and we ended up watching them play. I don’t remember if I got to play, but I feel like I did. There were tumblers there, too. Maybe I got to tumble instead. Then there was a lot of time between matches, so that’s when we all rode the van back to Middleburg. The volleyball courts were not in Middleburg, probably not even in Florida. Kerri and Misty were really cool, and they answered my questions about life on the circuit. I think we might have also passed my church along the way. They were so friendly and we ended up getting along very well. We were great friends by the end of my dream, which really wasn’t the end, just when I happened to wake up. Apparently, I still have Olympic fever.

A little discussion.

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