I fell asleep during Sunday School today.

As I rode the train from 125th Street last night, I wondered if anyone else in the train helped build a cob house.

This would be a fun thing to do every day. It brought me back to when I was a kid, working hard when it didn’t feel like hard work. Except today, my body tells me yesterday kicked my butt.


Combine these ingredients. Mix well. Make cobs (bricks). Assemble building. Voila. We didn’t quite finish, but we got a lot done. I would type more, considering typing is just about the only activity that doesn’t hurt my body. But I will say I loved the country. There was a beautiful lake with perfect water where we rinsed off, and the stars on the drive home took my breath away. Someone poked a zillion holes in or flicked speckles all over the dark velvet sky’s fabric.

Phenomenal day.

IMG_3807 by you.

IMG_3841 by you.

IMG_3881 by you.

More at the Flickr set.

One thought on “I fell asleep during Sunday School today.

  1. I love that you helped build a cob house. That is something I have always wanted to do. When I first pulled up your blog I wondered if I had made a mistake. Not that you wouldn’t do something so incredible, have pictures to prove it and a great narrative. It is just a surprising activity for a current city girl. 🙂

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