You ever think …

what would happen if you combined So You Think You Can Dance and Shark Week? There’s all sorts of swimming and dancing going on in my noggin right now. I’m holding my breath and pointing my toes. Fins to pairs of sharks are slicing the ocean’s surface, perfectly synchronized; perfectly choreographed, ready to chomp on some unsuspecting human, except the human will survive to tell his story and reenact his own attack. As a waltz. Or a Broadway routine. Sharks with jazz hands, people. Black-tipped jazz hands.

A Couple of Things I’ll Always Love


~being able to contribute positively to a seminary training meeting, because that was cool, and I was totally juiced afterward and ready to party

~having a great time at a party, especially when your roommates have confirmed how cute you look

~my mind spinning at even the prospect of where things could go and not sleeping well but not caring

~morning twilight