Sunday Hodgepodge 7/20/08

I’m kind of waiting for the phone to ring and my mom to call. I figure the second she reads that post about the spontaneous date, she’ll yank the phone cord from the modem and hit the speed dial on her landline. Then she’ll admonish me. Or, I’ll just tell her about it the next time she calls. Mom, I went on a date with a complete stranger. Yes, I know, Mom. No, Mom, nothing happened. Yes, Mom. Yes. No, I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t feel I was in control of the situation. No, I’ll probably never see him again. Yes, I’m being careful. It’s fine that you keep saying it. Yes, Mom. I know.

Just in case you’re wondering: I do not write my rabbits’ blog. I contribute photographs, yes, but none of the text is mine. I do not know if they know I read their blog. I’m impressed with their typing. Their spelling is even pretty good. Pig seems a bit diabolical, or maybe on the domineering side? This doesn’t surprise me, I mean, the rabbits in real life are pretty true and honest to their internet personas.

The search terms people use to come across this blog are pretty fun. I won’t list all of them here from the past week, maybe just my favorite from each day:

7-14: “her biceps” mom
7-15 (I have two): id like hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm with you, cambodian “large-chested” (People, you’re not going to find questionable material here. Move along.)
7-16: tori spelling’s mom blogging on her new …  (I have to mention 3 separate searches for “dirty [talk] dialogue” happened on that day. Those people were probably extremely disappointed.)
7-17 (a list): “brooke white”, mormon, “ken jennings”, eliza dushku, ryan gosling, katherine heigl
7-18 (two, again): “partner threw up” sick, ah oooooooo song (What is the “ah oooooooo” song?)
7-19: david archuleta (This was the only different one; the others were about birthdays.)
7-20: what does cat deeley whisper in contestants’ ears (I’d like to know that, too. Unfortunately I didn’t have the answer.)

Church was good today. Again, LOTS of visitors, and no sign of the neighborly celebrity couple. Only one child showed up for class today, so we had a good discussion. Really articulate and thoughtful guy. Very respectful. I remember really liking being 7 years old.