I Wonder

Does the debate between Mac and PC boil down to a matter of preference? The operating systems, the designs; Bill Gates versus Steve Jobs; the user-friendliness and intuitiveness – one could make arguments for and against these points. In my mind, it’s the same as stating my tendencies for country over rock, or reggae over rap; or classical over all of them, and I would present my “case” for those opinions, whereas someone else could express completely different preferences and use the same points to substantiate them. It’s subjective.

What about Ryan Seacrest and Cat Deeley? Cat Deeley, HANDS DOWN. The difference is apparent in her relationship with the contestants and the “jidges!” The banter doesn’t seem contrived with Cat; Cat doesn’t try to cause trouble. Cat is cute. I believe Cat when she hugs the contestants goodbye. When Nigel remarks about the blue, draped dress thingy Chelsie wore in a dance to a song set in a kitchen as not something you wear in the kitchen, Cat is clever and not creepy when she responds, “Well, not to cook.” If Ryan Seacrest said something like that? No, thank you.

Is that so subjective?

When people say stop consuming so much, you’re increasing your carbon footprint on the earth, does that mean stop buying stuff in general or just the stuff that more directly impacts the environment? Like, stop buying new cars. I get that. Stop buying imported things. I get that, too. Stop betting on rocketship races. Yeah, I know it’s a problem, and I need to get help for that. If you’re not supposed to buy stuff, are you supposed to reuse and recycle everything? I need to wrap my brain around that, because I’m definitely for conserving resources, but … everything? And if we don’t buy anything, how are we going to get out of this recession? I mean, the dollar has lost momentum, and it has shrunken so much already, but we still have it.

So why not use it, exercise it a bit, massage it into full functionality?

I wonder if the switch to Mac would be worth it. Maybe, if I could make an iMovie with Cat Deeley in a PSA about the environment.

Yay, capitalist paradox!