A Short Pictoral Dissertation on Awkwardly Funny

So, in Sarah Brown’s post entitled “Westward,” she mentions going to California to attend a women’s blogging convention and being part of a panel, where she’d like to wear fake mustaches with her colleagues (as a sign of maturity, instead of wearing fake blood). Before I stepped in to Freddy’s, I walked over to that mall at Atlantic Avenue, to a party supply store. I picked up a set of fake mustaches as well as some things for Becky’s birthday party.

Before Cringe began, I set down my things at a table and pulled out the mustaches, packaged neatly in a row of six on heavy cardstock in clear plastic casing. Sarah was already there with some friends. I’d arrived 7:45 and the show started at 8:30. I waited for a free moment to give her the mustaches. She was at her purse doing some pre-show stuff.

“Sarah?” She turned her head to look at me. “Hi, I’m May.”
She shook my hand. I showed her the mustaches. “I read your blog.”
We both busted out laughing.

She then asked, “How’s your month of dating going?” I thought, wow, she read my blog! But then I thought, crud, that’s because I totally pimped out my blog on her blog in one of my comments. It was for an entry called, “The train one, I did that one.” She did click on the link, though, and she remembered (!) what it was about to bring it up in our little chat. I was flattered.

“Oh, that month’s over.”
“Anyone look promising? Do you like anyone?”
“No follow-ups, really. Well, one of them took me out on a second date. I guess I’m leaning toward him.”
“Were there any original dates?”
“My last date. Date number 7. He had these sealed manila envelopes. Options. He had me choose from two sets. One was for dinner and one was for an activity afterward. We had Cuban for dinner and then we drew on the sidewalks with chalk in Central Park.”
“THAT sounds like an awesome date.”
“It was a lot of fun.”
“Thanks for the mustaches. That was really sweet. What else is new with you?”
“Not a whole lot, just keeping up with you. How long will you be out of town?”
“Three weeks,” she answered. “I recently fell back in love with the City, so I’m going away and can’t wait to come back. Last summer was just too hot, and I hated it. Are you doing any traveling this summer?”
“Well, I went down to Charlotte for Memorial Day, and my roommate and I and other friends usually go to Maine for Labor Day.”
“I’ve never been to Maine.”
“We go to Portland.”
“Do you see lighthouses?”
“Yes. And we lobster out.”
“I’ve always wanted to go to Vermont,” she said.
“The Ben & Jerry’s headquarters is there.”
“There you go. I hear it’s beautiful in the fall. I haven’t really traveled the East coast.”

There was more conversation about where she’s from, where I’m from, where my dad lives, which is the same state she’s from. There were a few awkward moments in the discussion, then finally at the end, I apologized for totally blanking out. Coolness does that to me. She thanked me again for the mustaches and said she wouldn’t use them for evil. At the same time I told her it would be okay if she did, she said, “Well, just a little.” I told her I was looking forward to the show, she said she’d see me afterward, then I took my seat.

Click on the photo to see Freddy’s and a few readers. I’ll add captions eventually.


I didn’t stick around afterward, but click here to see how fun fake mustaches can be. Pretty awesome, and exceeds expectations. Thanks, Sarah Brown.