Good Morning, People!

Tonight, I’ll be attending Cringe. I’m not sure what time I’ll be getting home tonight, and I don’t think I’m coming home after work because I’d like to get a little more work done and the singer-songwriter series is over at Bryant Park and I hear the Cringe venue fills up quickly so I thought I’d get there early and keep ordering rounds and rounds of refreshing ginger ale (or Coke or Sprite or juice) until my friends get there.  SO, I figured I’d post a little something this morning.

Maybe I have some new manifestations of anxiety going on in my life. I’m pretty sure I grind my teeth in my sleep. Lots of people do that. How about chewing on their lips, or even their tongues? The whole bottom front section of my mouth is sore. I try relaxing my tongue, but it keeps pressing up against the back of my teeth, and my bottom eye teeth keep rubbing against the sores in my bottom lip, making them worse and it just feels like fire and I apply that numbing lip stuff and that lasts only for so long, plus it’s hard to eat when my masticating mechanism is numb. And, the pain is causing me to salivate constantly. People, beware of drooling. I’d say maybe I have rabies, but I’m not acting erratically – just a smidge anxiously – and my throat isn’t swollen to a hydrophobic degree. Poor Ol’ Yeller. It’s just my bottom lip and the tip of my tongue. My mouf is on fire. The kind wif white flames. Owwie.

What could I be anxious about, you ask? I’m anxious about when the pain in my mouth will go away. That’s probably a vicious cycle. What else? Well, I’m about to meet a famous person; that’s probably part of it. I have two church classes to plan for and another class I’m taking and wanting an A so bad in. (I WANT AN A! GIVE ME AN A!) I’m preparing to be a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. I’m trying to crank out a few hundred words or so of something original and/or somewhat interesting every day because I want to be a writer when I finally grow up. Oh yeah, then there’s the business of planning Austin. What makes it worse is that it’s the possibility of Austin. And then there’s this timeline which finds me clenching my jaw that happens to apply major pressure to my tongue and bottom lip when I sleep. And I wonder why I’m waking up tired. And owwie.

Also? This seems to accompany the three weeks I’m not on my period. It’s happened that way for the past couple of months now. Oh, well. I’ll go have some breakfast, then I’ll numb my mouth and sling my drool at people.