Meandering and Another List

Right now, I’m looking over at my roommate’s laptop screen. She’s blogging, and I’m proud of her. I can’t read what she’s typing, but that’s okay.

My roommates have become pretty steady bloggers. I really like their writing. It’s amusing for three of us to be sitting in front of the television, computers in our laps, not really talking to each other. I should get a picture.

Those gals think I’m some sort of world-famous blogger. It’s embarrassing.

I was going to come home and crank out a post I’ve been thinking about for the past couple of weeks. When I got home, the post required a little prep work, so that took some time. Then, I decided to go to Trader Joe’s to pick up some things for tonight’s dinner/leftovers for lunch tomorrow. So, that took some time.

As an aside, can I say how fun it is to walk through Union Square in the evening? So many varieties of weird. And the thing is, I felt I could fit right in.

So. I came home and cooked dinner. And I felt the pressure of posting an entry before midnight. I wanted to be able to take my time with the post I was planning. What you’re reading now is a shoddy substitute. It’s a stall tactic.

But to flesh this post out, I’ve decided to list the search terms people have used to find this blog over the past two weeks. For some reason, I’m into lists lately. Interesting stuff, people. Interesting people.

~the living room, brad roberts july 2008 (that kind of narrows it down)
~starbucks (there has to be bazillions of posts about starbucks)
~meg hutchinson pictures (I guess I’ve been a little obsessed)
~on your way to the wishing well (yay, Patty!)
~”starbucks” (might as well be air quotes)
~falafel doctor (a doctor FOR injured/sick falafel?)
~dirty talk dialogue (hee. that’s what I get for a questionable title)
~the history of meg hutchinson’s depression (I have not posted on this specific subject; it’s not my (hi)story to tell)
~ghosts (or more like skeletons in the closet)
~to-get-used-to english-class (what’s with the hyphens? is that part of a boolean search method?)
~church educational system scriture mastery (heh, this is where my seminary blog used to be)
~counting crows (“round here”)
~things to by guys on their birthday (can’t get over the typo and the unparallel syntax)
~Francesco Stoppini (he is supposedly the Italian Consulate Correspondent from Philadelphia)
~but i’m easy (but I am not)
~my date’s birthday (my month of dates! yay!)
~what does it mean when a guy talks in your ear (she already knows the answer, I’m sure)
~evolution of strep throat (how do people stumble upon my blog with these searches? really?)
~things about my birthday (it’s 10 and a half months away!)
~no show for jury duty in westchester (why specific to westchester? do you get extra jail time there?)
~does anyone in wagga need a cleaner (someone was on crack for this one; what’s wagga?)
~”tied ribbons to the fire escape” (yay! more patty!)
~things to on a guys birthday (things to … what?)
~dirty dialogue (a variation of the search above)
~matthew evans spelling bee (yay, spelling bee! aww, matt evans!)
~things guys like for their birthdays (whisper back in their ears; and thanks for pluralizing birthdays)

A little discussion.

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