People, Saturday is my roommate’s birthday. What should I get her? I’ve come up with the following:
-abacus with flashing lights as beads and talks in algorithms in Stephen Hawking’s voice
-retro Richard Branson t-shirt
-Bill Gates decoder ring
-Latin dance lessons to go with her not-on-purpose seductive looks
-Anne of Green Gables airbrush tattoo
-giant key to the city with an inscription from Mayor Bloomberg, “Becky Rocks NYC!”
-Murder, She Wrote Mad Libs
-pita bread and hummus, where I’d write in the hummus with a butterknife, “How Pita-ful: Guilty of Hummus-ide!”
-one control for the Wii console, so at least she can pretend to play in front of the television
-jet propulsion lab

Do you have any ideas? I really need ideas. Please feel free to leave a comment. They won’t appear publicly until I approve them, which probably won’t be until after her birthday.

Speaking of comments, please don’t let the process for submitting comments keep you from commenting. Your opinions matter. You can leave whatever name you want, and the email address is to be sure you’re a human being, not some Dolly-the-sheep-Intergalactic-Planetary droid-clone robot trying to spam the account. The email address is never displayed. Then, if you have a website you want linked to your fabulous name, you can complete that part of the form, too.

Easy? Easy.

Thanks, everyone!