Not too focused here.

there is an interesting photograph i want to take in the bathroom at work. it’s a reflective surface and a fun angle. it’s inside of a stall, and i noticed it quite a while ago and thought it would be a great shot.

it would require me to bring my camera into a public restroom.

it would mean risking being caught carrying a camera into a public restroom.

can you imagine? just before the camera captures the shot it beeps. if someone else were in the bathroom while i stood behind the stall door, and she heard a high-frequency beep, i’d be embarrassed. because, for all she (they!?) knows i could be taking pictures of myself. 

i might have get to work extra early or stay late to get the picture.

plus? i can’t stand it when people bring irrelevant things into the bathroom. like cups. and phones. and food. it’s a public bathroom, people. i won’t even bring a cell phone into my own bathroom. it’s just gross.


I read a sad, sad post today. I’m going to share it with you.