Commenter Spotlight #kc0624

Kendra, I don’t know if you remember this; it was three years ago. And I don’t think I thanked you for allowing your eldest to help me flirt during the desperate times of the 2005 blizzard.

She lives up in Washington Heights. I’ve known her as long as she’s lived in that neighborhood. She’s tall. And sweet. And tall. In keeping with her tallness, she can stand up for herself, and not just on an abstract level. Like, against real assailants.

Her comments are so informative, and it gives me a chance to get to know her better, even more so than when we actually attended the same ward. I mean, if she can especially relate to something I’ve written, I heartily welcome her responses.

This is how I imagine continuing communication with my friends when I no longer live in New York City. I already maintain contact with people who live far away to begin with. Now if everyone else can just get with the program …

2 thoughts on “Commenter Spotlight #kc0624

  1. Wow! I think you must have written about my Boo before I even knew you had a blog. How simply heartwarming! She is great, isn’t she? And thank you for the kind words. It’s exciting to be the subject of someone’s blog post.
    Are you leaving NYC?

  2. I will be leaving eventually. Probably sooner than later. I just need to get on the ball about a few things. I’d like to get naturalized first, and I need to dust off and polish my resume. I have a destination in mind, but then I need an actual place to live.

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