Well, yesterday was officially the first day of summer, and it was a very beautiful day. I forgot to measure how many hours of daylight we got, and for some reason that’s always very exciting to me. All that daylight. I’m sure the weatherman has those numbers, though.

Right now, it is overcast outside, but it’s a pleasant 75 degrees. My friend Ted just called. He’s a member of a Danish club. He has Danish roots, and I’m pretty sure he likes to eat danishes. Cheese kind. Anyway, he invited me to his Danish club summer kick-off party. And guess what they get to do? Eat food? Well, yes. Talk in Danish? True. Burn a witch? Wow, how did you know? You have no idea how excited I am about this. It might be a reenactment of a reenactment. Because they can’t burn an actual witch. And because they can’t even burn a witch mannequin.

This is definitely not a Sabbath activity.

We had our bishopric released today and a new bishopric announced. It was a pretty spiritual and emotional experience. These men, so young, yet so humble and capable of leading and guiding a congregation. And their wives? My heroes. They’re spunky and smart and they love the Lord so much.

Quite a few people are leaving the ward in the next month or so. That’s why the bishop got released: he and his family are moving to Boston. They were really warm and welcoming to me when I moved down to the Union Square First Ward, and I will miss them. Summer usually marks the end of internships and Masters degrees, so people generally move on to other opportunities. Summer also indicates the beginning of internships and Masters degrees. We’ll have a whole new crew of folks move in before the summer’s over. We probably won’t end up burning any of them. Let’s hope so, at least.