I Want A Nintendo Wii!

I can’t help it. It’s probably the only real, current bandwagon I’ll jump onto, but I played for the first time in Charlotte, North Carolina. We played the Olympics one. We played the table tennis event. In real life I’d never be as good at ping-pong as I am on Wii. I was winning 10 to 5, one more point to take the game. And then what happened? I choked. I lost. It was Olympics drama at its best.

I want that feeling back. I’ve lost that Wii-ing feeling, people, and now it’s gone, gone, gone. Whoa, whoa, oh.  I’ve been searching different stores online for prices and availability, and I really can’t afford a Wii right now, and I would hate to go into debt to get one. So, this is a petition, dear Internet. Please get me a Wii. I know you wouldn’t want me to charge it on a credit card, and I know you’d want me to take the gold medal from my formidable opponent. In the spirit of the Olympics, and because you love me, would you please, please, please get me a Wii. I’m sure it would also help me finish my degree and improve my writing, as well as my coordination and dexterity.

VH1’s 100 Top Songs of the 80s is on. Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” just played. That takes me back to slumber parties with one of my best friends in Key West, Kathy Bruening. I was 9, she was 10. We’d turn on Cyndi up to full-blast and keep the night lights on for effect and hold our hairbrush microphones and stand on the bed and lip sync with such passion and sass for our adoring fans.

Sometimes I think I could still do that. I think I still do that. It’s embarrassing and should be outlawed and enforced immediately. That’s why I need a Wii.