So a few of us sit around the apartment. We’re talking. 
Somehow it comes up that I wouldn’t be caught in public kissing, much less having my picture taken doing so.
A person asks why.
I say it’s just something I don’t do. Later on, I say maybe a quick peck goodbye.
On the cheek.
Then another person hints that there’s a photo somewhere of her kissing someone.
The rest of our ears perk right up.
We ask her, Who are you kissing? Do you have this picture?
This other person tries to change the subject.
Someone else threatens to break into the apartment computer network and perform a search for the photo.
This someone else says all it would have to take is a search for JPGs and similar files.
10, 15 minutes tops.
She argues her files are locked.
The other person looks at the rest of us as if that wouldn’t matter in the slightest.
Who could she be kissing?
And she says she did it to win a bet.
She’s on her computer, laughing, avoiding eye contact.
Then after a few minutes of toying with us, she shows us her computer screen.
There it is. 
To win a bet.
She’s standing with some guy.
They’re kissing.
It’s like a movie poster. Just like a movie poster.
Eyes closed.
In the throes of love.
But tasteful, and not seemingly staged at all.
Not like she was doing it to win a bet.
Yet, she emphasized this point.
I thought I’d be embarrassed looking at this photo.
But I was more like, huh, that’s what that looks like. 
Like she’s an expert.
You go, girl.

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