I do not have a picture of Ted.

Like I said, Thursday I went on a date. With Ted. This was the reschedule we had planned the day before because he was going to be out of town on the day he originally schedule to go out with me. We ended up seeing When Did You Last See Your Father? It’s PG-13. It’s a strong PG-13. It’s a powerful movie, based on a memoir. The editing was seamless. The exposition, the story, the character development, all building and leading up to an incredibly emotional scene where if I weren’t on a date, I would have been ugly-crying: face shining with tears; mouth in a contorted frown; snot everywhere. The acting and the swelling, manipulative music and my heart being completely invested in the characters are the perfect formula for weeping. Plus, I could relate to the characters. But, I kept my composure and managed to keep most of my tears inside my eyeballs.

Ted and I spent most of our conversation after the movie about our thoughts of the movie and how we related to the movie. We ended up sharing a lot of personal information that I usually don’t reveal on a first date. I’ve known Ted a few years now, but I’ve not had the opportunity to open up to people about myself; I normally don’t volunteer deeply personal information relating to my family, except of course to the Internet, where most of the people who read this know me well and I’m comfortable enough around you. And for the others whom I don’t know, I figure what I share they can learn from somehow. 

Anyway, it was great getting to know Ted better. We’re the same age, he’s well-spoken and well-traveled. He’s a good conversationalist and he’s cultured. He works in acoustics, so he has a great ear. He’s also extremely into family history and is preparing a presentation for an upcoming family reunion.

We talked about our fathers. On Friday on my way home from work, my dad called and left a message. Today at church we had a Fathers’ Day program and the movie about the dad and talking with Ted about our dads and my dad calling got me thinking a whole lot more about my dad.

So I called my dad today, and we talked for a while. We’re fully capable of having a conversation, where he talks, I comment, he talks some more, and I comment. Sometimes he asks questions, and I answer them and then he’ll talk some more, and I’ll comment, but sometimes I’ll actually interject something interesting, then he’ll comment then he’ll continue talking about something else, then I’ll comment. I don’t mind commenting. He doesn’t get to talk to very many different people, and I’m happy to listen. Once upon a time I wasn’t so willing.

A member of the bishopric extended a calling to me today. I’m going to be a co-teacher for the 7-year olds. I spoke with the other teacher today, and she said they’re a group of really smart kids. I’m very excited to be teaching them! Seems I can’t get away from the teaching. 

Speaking of teaching, we talked about gifts of the Spirit today in Relief Society. This is a very apparent gift that I’ve been given. Not boasting here, just a talent I know I have. It’s a gift I have to be careful with and use only with lots of faith and prayer. It’s something I can’t do for recognition or praise. In the Book of Mormon, some of the gifts of the spirit are listed in Moroni 10; Doctrine and Covenants: Section 46; New Testament: 1 Corinthians 12.

Happy Fathers’ day to all you dads and future dads out there. I know you, and I know you’re doing an awesome job.

A little discussion.

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