Top Chef! WOOOO!

I was holding my breath the entire episode. Biting my nails. All the food looked tremendous. And Lisa’s a lot stronger than I gave her credit for. Carrie Ingalls definitely couldn’t cook what Lisa did. Parts of the episode made me a little sad. Man. 

I’ll keep it on DVR for the roommates to enjoy.

Prove. Provo.

Today I decided to check my blog stats to see if anyone new stumbled onto this site. I stared, a little shocked at the screen at the most recent statistics, then I sent a text message to a friend:

I just got blog hits from Provo. Scary.

She replied:

You’ve reached a new level of globalization.

So, I followed the statistics and saw the ISP was Brigham Young University. What are co-eds doing reading this blog? What are BYU co-eds doing reading this blog? Don’t they have at least 15 credit hours per semester (7 per term) and lots of dating to accomplish? Okay, the dating part is a bit of a stereotype, one that I never really participated in. I might have gone on one date each year I was there. I don’t see how people found the time. Dating plus studying plus maintaining a decent GPA plus a job if you had one plus football games or whatever other sporting events suited your fancy plus church plus church callings plus church service.  Do you even have to wonder why Utah had an extremely high concentration of home meth labs? Good thing I kept my life pared down to school (sometimes) and church (sometimes). Now? I don’t see how I did it then. Working full-time is plenty for me. Now, I don’t see how people work full-time and go to school and raise families. And then, how do these people find the time to maintain a website on top of reading all the blogs out there? They pick and choose, I guess. They probably pace themselves, too. Just like I do. I wonder if those BYU co-eds would end up choosing me.

Singapore: cool; Australia: I fished for it; West Point: meh. Provo: huh?

Dirty Dialogue, Snippet

Here’s part of an email exchange between me and one of the dates I have this month that needs to reschedule:

I hear you like independent films and there’s a couple I’ve read about recently that you might enjoy:

“Encounters at the End of the World” at the Film Forum:

“When Did You Last See Your Father?” at the Angelika or Lincoln Plaza Cinemas:

or there’s always Indiana Jones or Kung Fu Panda, which I haven’t seen yet.

I hope it works out to reschedule.

I’ll go to Philharmonic in the Park, because I plan on living the heck out of the summer here, and that was one of my first cultural experiences when I moved to NYC.
Rescheduling our date is fine. How does Saturday look? Both of the independent movies you suggested look fantastic. The Antarctica one will keep me interested because I tend to hold my breath during underwater scenes, and the father one will hold my attention because of the sex and profanity. I’m game for either. Movie. Either MOVIE.
Looking forward to seeing you,

I have jotted down quite a few notes in the last couple of days that I need to address. Some of it has to do with the class I’m taking, some of it has to do with the regular goings on around here.

Mom got two of her wisdom teeth removed. Make sure you go give her a hug.