More bits

Last night I had a dream about Diva Cups. They didn’t make an extended appearance, just long enough for me to remember this morning at work and to go “heh” at the thought. Thanks a LOT, naturalliving community! It probably also doesn’t help that it’s also that time of the month for me. 

The last time I was at BYU I participated in a clarinet choir. For the concert at the end of the year, we played an arrangement of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and it was very, very fun to play. I mean, imagine 14 clarinets sounding like Freddy Mercury and those guitar riffs. It totally rocked. So, that managed to make its way into my dreams last night, too. My dreams are so wonky lately. Of course I don’t remember them vividly, but little flashes here and there.

Diva Cups and Queen: I’m sure my subconscious found a way to connect those ideas. Thunderbolts and lightning. Very, very frightening.

The weather today was warmer than Jacksonville and Austin. Pretty crazy. Last time I checked my latitude was considerably further north than those other places.

Insight: I never thought being able to look down to shave my armpits would be something I’d take for granted. My neck is still a little stiff, and when I’ve showered these past few days, I realized I’m going to sing hymns of gratitude when my neck is better and I am able to crane my view for a closer shave. The little things, you know?

I’ve been thinking about folk music. I like it a lot. I’ve been looking up various artists and where they tour. Many of them skip right over NYC. They go to Vancouver and Charlotte and New Hampshire and Austin and Montana and even LOGAN, UTAH. I’m going to focus my musical interests for a while; I want to get to know more artists in this genre. I want to find them in little nooks of rural America writing of humanity and purer ways of life.

Acoustic guitars, maybe drums
Melody, rhythm
Words that pierce
Straight up
No fluff
Just passion
Reaching (to) me like nothing else could.