Slowing Down for a Bit

This is Ladd. I’ve known him for a good while; we’ve seen each other at parties, but we haven’t really gotten much of a chance to talk. We went out Tuesday evening. A couple of times a year the city goes bonkers and lets anyone attend the museums along Fifth Avenue for free. That stretch of museums is called Museum Mile. It’s kind of speed appreciation of culture, because people want to be able to see as many museums as possible in a few hours. Ladd and I browsed in a few of the smaller museums. We did not go into the Met or the Guggenheim.

IMG_2507Of course they didn’t allow photos inside the museums, and that was fine. We went to the National Academy Museum which showcased art by budding artists from everywhere. This was more modern art: mixed media, fluorescent colors, neon lights, computer parts. Outside the museum, beside some easels, children were sketching or painting or seriously contemplating their navels.  


The Museum of the City of the New York is pretty cool. Lots of exhibit cards to read, which there wasn’t time for. And lots of old furniture. And drawing rooms. Really ornate, because that was Rockefeller’s or whichever financial tycoon’s wife’s style. This is the place to go if you want detailed information on New York’s progression, in terms of city planning, government, immigration, and its evolution into the capitol of the world.

The last place we stopped was outside The Jewish Museum to listen to a Yiddish folk band perform. These musicians were pretty hard core. There was an accordion and tuba and viola and clarinet and saxophone and drums and they played traditional music and some sort of tango-esque music, where a few couples danced a sexy, Eastern European dance. There was also this man who reminded me of Albert Einstein who danced to the faster, more polkalike music. This band was pretty good. A decent crowd gathered around them. Sadly, they did not meet my request of “Free Bird.” The drummer totally could have gotten it started.

 IMG_2511 IMG_2512

After the museums, Ladd bought us ice cream from an ice cream truck, then we went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. The conversation was pretty good. Although we didn’t elaborate too much on our interests in spite of having a few things in common, we actually talked about our personal lives more. Our families, where we grew up. We talked about food, which is always safe. He’s not a man of many words, and when the lull started to sag a little more, I asked him what his favorite invention is. Hee.

This man lives in the Upper West Side, 90-something and Riverside Avenue.  The museums were in the 90s across Central Park, on Fifth Avenue. I live in Midtown, in the 30s. Ladd took me home, even after I insisted he didn’t have to, because all he would have to do was catch a crosstown bus. That impressed me.

We have a male third roommate, and he’s met two of these dates this month. How about I let him think I’m a playah? Can’t slow a girl down, yo. Call me!

Okay, three dates in two weeks AND the Harbor Cruise AND Carnegie Hall. If no one signs up for this week, I get a little bit of a break.

I’ll go ahead and link the harbor cruise photos. Click on the sunset below. I actually had a great time. The weather was perfect, and the company was fabulous. Yes, I felt great at the end of the evening, which was sometime around 2AM. However, my social fuel tank is running a smidge low, and with fuel averaging $4 a gallon? I’m taking it easy. 


A little discussion.

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