Trivia, with Sprinkles of Sarcasm and A Touch of Surprise

Frank jumped into a shallow pool when he was eight years old and cut the top of his skull. He didn’t even notice the blood, but his friend’s mom walked him home and showed the gash to my mom. Much hyperventilating ensued.

Sarah used to get up early in high school and take her showers in the dark. 

Becky has the biggest crush on Daryl Hall of anyone I know.

Laura once dated a guy who worked at Disney World, and we got Fast Passes from him. We spent the day with the guy, then I pretended to sleep in my bed in the hotel room while listening to them make out for a little bit.

Lisa‘s family have more curls in their hair than the entire rest of the world.

Karissa used to like keeping the plastic clear packaging on all her VHS tapes.

Jenny can trill a third-space C on the clarinet better than anyone I know.

Michelle once sang harmony to “Lean on Me” at our freshman ward talent show, and I was impressed.

Kristin used to sing the National Anthem before Detroit Redwings’ matches. 

Wendy used to play her solo festival pieces by heart, walking around the classroom while she played. Super-hard, grade 7 pieces, like they were no big deal.

Matt used to run his track events in high school without any underwear. Just his shorts. This is not a lie. Footage exists somewhere, if it hasn’t been destroyed.

Greg once ate my leftover fries at lunch without knowing that I licked them first. He also flew me home a couple of times with his frequent flyer miles.

Andrea is not as closeted a Celtic Thunder fan as I once thought.

Meredith gave up her job in PR to work for Magnolia Bakery. She frosted a cake for Matthew Broderick for Sarah Jessica Parker’s birthday.

Ray got to high-five Stephen Colbert.

Kate once got me admitted into BYU just by stepping into someone’s office and getting a signature. 

I made out with Philip a couple times on the band bus coming home from practice festivals. We were going out at the time. And this is when Joel Agcon liked me. He was a senior.

A little discussion.

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