Reaching out

So I made a friend from the naturalliving community when someone decided to start a mean and ugly thread against vegetarians, where does it say meat isn’t natural, blah blah blah. A pretty heated argument got going, and about 20 comments down, I decided to say something:

Wow, interesting thread. Not sure of a sincere search for understanding or of an argument for the sake of itself. We’re dealing with individual and personal and sometimes spiritual life decisions. This person seems like s/he’s expecting to get a rise or two …
Then I posted a link for this t-shirt:


It’s one of the funniest t-shirts I’ve seen. Some people comment they’d buy it if it weren’t pink. Well PEOPLE, the shirt is pink because it USED TO BE white. Right? Right? The pink is no accident, folks.

Anyway, another person commented on the hilarity of the t-shirt before the entire thread got taken down. Luckily, this comment triggered an email notification, so I decided to make myself a little better known and send the person a message. And this person decided to respond. And it’s been good fun.

I signed up for another BYU Independent Study class. Creative Writing, English 218R. This is less mechanics and tons and tons and tons more writing. Forgive me if I use this place for practice.

One thought on “Reaching out

  1. I wish more people had been able to see that t-shirt link before the end of it all. haha Every time someone links to Threadless, my husband and I laugh for a good 15 minutes.

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