Meg Hutchinson sent me an email the other day (read: I received the monthly newsletter), and part of it was actually a message from her:

And the end of June will find me travelling the midwest and sharing shows with the very talented Rose Cousins and Rose Polenzani. That week will mark my first visit to The Ark in Ann Arbor, and a headline show at Uncommon Ground in Chicago that will include programming about green initiatives in the area. So I encourage you to come early for the show and hear about local growers, a topic that is close to my heart.

I knew we were friends for a reason.

In other news, I’m getting ready to head to Carnegie Hall to watch the BYU Chamber Orchestra perform. My very first time in the Carnegie Hall. How do you get there? What’s that? One more time? That’s right, practice, practice, practice!

Oh, I have an Etsy page (also see sidebar). I’ve starting selling prints of some photos I’ve taken. If there’s one in particular you want (from flickr), email me, specify the photo, I’ll list it, and good ol’ Etsy will take care of the rest. I’m still toying with prices, so you might see some fluctuation here and there.

Also, I want to try to earn a little extra money for moving.

Some Short Thoughts before Bed

Something about multitasking spreads my focus. I can never seem to hold on to a thought for more than 30 seconds.

Sometimes when I cool down from a hot temper, I feel silly and embarrassed.

It’s so much easier to read others’ blogs than to come up with my own ideas for writing. An idea will flash before me then disappear just as quickly. Forgotten forever. Frustrating.

I really like the ring “Hey May” has.