Did anyone catch this classic spelling bee moment? This kid ended up winning it all, and I was so glad he was there to relieve some tension. What a great kid. Let us consider the “so many different ways” numbnut could be spelled, if, in fact he had gotten that word instead:

plus others, I didn’t feel like doing the factorial for all possible combinations

And think of the questions he’d have to ask to deduce the correct spelling:
Language of origin – American slang? What’s it to you? Call me that again, and I’ll show you numbnuts.
Other pronunciations – just the one, though variations exist in other languages, because jerks live everywhere.
Use in a sentence – “I feel like a complete numbnut for having to give you this word on a nationally televised spelling bee.”

I started rooting for the girl from Jamaica, and I was shocked to find out Matthew Evans had been eliminated. Then I was going for the girl from North Dakota, because of the state’s proximity to Canada, then I was rooting for Tia Thomas, because she’s a 5-year veteran and is wonderfully coming out of her early teenage phase but she got out on opificer, but then it got down to the final two, and I didn’t want either of them to get out. All in all, it was good bee.

Isn’t it a little peculiar the SEVEN Canadian semi-finalists all got out in the same round? I suspect Stephen Harper’s in on it, and it might have to do with NAFTA. Not really (I think), but the seven of them, in a row, one after another, out, until they were all gone. It was disappointing.

Here’s something my roommate wrote about her experience watching the spelling bee with me: “watching the spelling bee with may is exciting.  i’ve always enjoyed it, but this was awesome.  to start, may pulls out a 12 page document containing names and pictures of all the finalists, including the words they’d spelled in all the preliminary rounds.  as the finals proceeded, may added the new words to each finalist’s page as she muttered letters under her breath.  it was intense.”

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