Counting sheep, counting down to sleep …

So, you know when I’m joking about something, but there’s still an edge of truth to what I say?
When I jokingly blamed you for running me ragged this weekend, I really thought all that running around did it to me.
That the stepping out of my routine for three and a half days totally did me in.
I’ve had a headache, some nausea, lower back aches. Severe fatigue.

Turns out it’s almost that time of month.
I was completely kidding after all. I hope you didn’t take me seriously, even though I usually mean for you to.

I promise to post beefier content and upload pictures. Just not now.

I still can’t find OK Computer …

This has been one whirlwind of a weekend. We wandered around Central Park yesterday. 
Came back to the apartment and watched most of Fiddler on the Roof
Went to Junior’s for sandwiches and cheesecake.
We have some time to hang out this morning, then we’re back to our lives as usual.
I’ve had a really, really fun time.

It’s not super cold today. It’s supposed to reach the 60s by the end of this week. 
And, it’s supposed to rain a lot. Thanks a lot, spring.
You know what, though? The trees are blooming, and it’s perfect.