“No, Mama. He was my dog. I’ll do it.”

 I hate the last twenty minutes of Old Yeller. I’ve seen that movie at least five times, and maybe I think the last twenty minutes won’t make me cry. Maybe I think the main character will stop reminding me of an adolescent Jimmy Stuart, with his sincerity I don’t want to believe but do anyway. Then they expect that little pup to take Yeller’s place all of a sudden? “He’s part Old Yeller, but he ain’t Old Yeller.” But Travis warms up to him. That li’l pup smothers him with kisses, and he becomes “the best doggone dog in the West.”

I also do not like the orange-tan leather pants Pa wears when he has that man-to-man with Travis. And the little brother, Arliss, annoys me.

The Journey of Natty Gann is about to come on. Another movie I watched repeatedly growing up. Is that John Cusack, or is that John Cusack? That Natty, what a toughie. I wanted to be her friend. “You calling my dad dumb?” “You calling my dad a commie?” And who didn’t want to pack a kerchief of basic necessities and jump on a train out of this depression-laden town? We could do that now with this recession.

If you want to get anything done today, stay away from the Hallmark channel.

Come to http://mayiwrite.livejournal.com/ and see my banner. It’s part of organizing the photos in my scrapbook: learning very basic CSS. Because, my dream is to organize stuff here and jump onto my own domain. Thing is, I’d have to pay for webhosting, but if I ran ads on my website, and if traffic were heavy enough, the hosting would pay for itself, and I’d feel a little more free to do whatever I wanted. Do some domain mapping, so I could be mayiwrite.com. No handle, just me.  Just a thought. Just a dream. 

LiveJournal is my Old Yeller. But if I could find a suitable replacement, I would. Working on it.

A little discussion.

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