Did some data entry today.
Somebody’s last name began with “Whit.”
Anyone who QWERTY-types knows the left ring finger gets to push W, S, and X.
So I’m typing that person’s last name.
I look up at the screen, and behold.
Instead of lefty ring finger going up to the top row, it decided to stay on its home key.
And I ended up typing a wirty dord.
That wouldn’t have been so bad, right? All I had to do was press Backspace, right?
I didn’t realize my mistake until a few minutes later.
After I had printed a permanent copy of the document through our new paperless data managment software.
Now the whole world can see my typo.
Sorry about your last name, dude.
Because I’m embarrassed, I’m laughing. 
Because that’s what I do.