It’s coming along.

The studying is going well. I’ll be ready for Monday’s midterm.

Tomorrow is Sunday. That means my Sabbath daydream. Honestly, though, I don’t know what I would do if it came true, if Tim Goblins and Susan Abandon were to talk to me on my way to church.

I’m officially changing that userpic ON St. Patrick’s Day. Why do I have to be obnoxious sometimes?

When a gerund has a pronoun subject,

that pronoun may be in either the common or possessive case:
I objected to him coming.
I objected to his coming.

I’m supposed to be studying, I am studying… See?

Traditionally, in formal speech and writing, the rule required the use of the possessive, even though some of the best writers often used the common case or pronoun.

Today, the common case is frequent in general speech and writing. Formal writing still requires the possessive case. 

So, the blog I mentioned a few weeks ago upon skimming the Bloggies website, the author and her husband (who I mistook for a practicing Mormon, but he’s left the church, too) went to SXSW in Austin. It’s a giant internet convention. If I were geeky and perhaps a little rich in any way, I would have found a way to go. I know nothing about web design, but I do want to learn someday.

Heather Armstrong left the convention being recognized for having won four (4) Bloggies: Best American Weblog, Best Designed Weblog, Lifetime Achievement Weblog, and Weblog of the year. And for some reason, since her entries are so personal and I’ve been reading the archives from when they began in February 2001, I feel like we’re best friends. But we’re not. She lives in Utah; I used to live there. She and I went to BYU around the same time. We might have been in a Humanities class or at the Wilkinson Student center at the same time. Man, I am such a lame-o.  

At least I’m not stalking her.

Also? She’s one of the big, pioneerish stories of someone who’s been fired from her job for writing about it on the internet. Read her post about seeing at SXSW three of the VPs belonging to the company who fired her in 2002. 

Anyway, I’m glad I found her site, because the writing is excellent, and she’s pretty much put her entire life online for the entire world to see. I really like the photography, and her stories of motherhood are especially touching. I love reading those accounts where life’s big lessons are learned by mother, father, child; little ol’ person in a great big world. Those stories really affect me. Their effects are powerful.

Affect  is most commonly used as a verb, meaning 1) to influence, 2) to stir someone’s emotion, 3) to pretend to imitate.
Effect is most commonly used as a noun, meaning 1) a result, 2) an influence, 3) belongings.

I’ll be posting more photos soon on Flickr.


Hey, there. I’m so sorry I fell asleep on you last night. It was rude. Right now I’m eating a short stack of organic buckwheat pancakes, and I shouldn’t feel guilty while I’m eating these. I don’t feel guilty because of them, but I was just thinking of how we were talking last night, you on the brand new couch and me on my trusty furry bean chair, and before I knew it, I was out. And I caught only bits and pieces of what you were telling me, and I said my yeps and uh-huhs like a good little listener friend. What registered in my semi-conscious brain is what I responded to, but I faded fast and then my mind somehow noticed you were no longer talking, and I totally blame you, because you’re very soft-spoken, and you have a soothing quality to your voice, and I might also have to blame the late hour and the long day and the cool smoothie my belly that all the blood in my body rushed to because that’s how digestion works. No blood was in my head and the story you were telling me, it might have been about chinchillas, or work, or you might have been cussing me out with that gently waltzing, lilting voice of yours for falling asleep on you – I had no choice but to drift away. But you had a long day, too, and you had a smoothie too, but consciousness seemed to favor you more. I’m such a jerk. I’m so sorry.