This was quite possibly the longest week in the history of man. We were supposed to have lost an hour, and this week should have been 167 hours, but instead it felt like flirbity-million. I guess that one hour in 167 could have been anywhere. It truly got lost, but to no one’s benefit. 
My skin kind of smells like oatmeal cookies.
I get it. About Spitzer’s scandal. The expose, the whole shebang that led to his resignation. Is 9 a VIP number or the order in which he signed up, because that’s an awfully low number and that might imply he’s been a client longer than most people would initially suspect.  That’s fine. He got caught in his own cutthroat, hardnosed policing. Absolute corruption, blah blah blah. 

All the other research seems superfluous and enabling. Prostitution is illegal. As a general rule, it’s disgusting. What’s her name’s MySpace page has gotten something like 5 million hits. And that site for the company she works for? I can’t imagine the interest and the potential business the media has stirred up.

I do get it. The involved news segments explaining the diamond system. The exploitative manner in which the press decides to reflect our society. I don’t know, if I were in some obscure country and caught wind of the goings-on in the US of A, I’d think, what a bunch of horndogs. 

Maybe other countries operate this way, too.  I mean, we can’t be the only country with hypocrites, right? I mean, who is ever so adamant about shutting down prostitution rings while negotiating a price with a high-end operation of his preference?

It gets on my nerves is all. I guess it’s good he fessed up and resigned, because he of all people knows he’d get more time in jail if he tried to cover it up.