Thought Bubble

Every Sunday as I walk to church from the 14th Street stop at 6th Avenue, I have the same daydream. Remember how I said the celebrity couple whose names rhyme with “fairytale goblins” and “reckless abandon” live on the same street as the church? Well, every week, I imagine one of them, or both of them calling out to me from across the street. I’m on the south sidewalk; they’re on the north one. They ask where I’m going, and I tell them I’m going to church. Then they ask which church. And I tell them the Mormon one, yeah, that one right there. They ask me what kinds of things I believe. Then I joke with them, only Republican things. They laugh. I wave them over and invite them to come in. They decline, politely. Then I tell Mr. Goblins how I thought the writers’ strike rally in Washington Square park at the beginning of December was really cool, and I felt united with the Guild, even though I’m not a member. We chat a little more, mostly about how much taller they are than I. We also talk about the stubborn winter and how long they’ve lived in the City. They seem really nice. I tell them I have to get going, and I shake their hands. Ms. Abandon stops me a second and gives me her phone number and tells me we need to do lunch sometime. I say I’d be delighted. Delighted, who really says that, I say self-mockingly. She laughs and they turn around to head back up to their home and I head toward the church.

Every single Sunday. Can you imagine? How lucky would I be?

I hope when my friends visit, we get to see some famous people.


I love more daylight in the evenings. It makes me all sorts of happy.

On Saturday, my roommate and I attended a church dance. We got all dressed up. I looked okay; I wasn’t necessarily “working it.” Anyway, when we got home, my roommate wanted to do a photoshoot of me, so I let her use my camera, and she clicked away. I kept most of the photos in. The ones I deleted were just of my legs, and my right stocking was sliding down. Plus, the shots were also kinda straight up my skirt, which my roommate didn’t mean to do. You couldn’t see anything, but still. That kind of stuff cannot be on the internet. I might run for public office one day, you know?

I didn’t post them in LJ because THERE ARE 175 PHOTOS. Here you are. You can comment but not download. Roomie’s not too shabby, eh?

Also? I turned in the last of my homework today! Woo! Now, all I have left are the midterm and final. The midterm is next Monday, and I’ll schedule the final for a week after that, probably. I won’t ever procrastinate a class again. I am extremely lucky to have seen the energy-efficient light.