This week has been interesting. Like, right now, I’m watching Moulin Rouge. Interesting, right? I’m keeping track of Mormons on reality shows. Two, count ’em, one and two, on American Idol. That cute, mythical boy David Archuleta, and the blonde nanny who doesn’t watch R-rated movies, Brooke White. Both of them have made the top twelve. A former Mormon is on ANTM. And don’t forget all those Mormons on that one season So You Think You Can Dance. And DON’T forget Julie Stoffer, who started it all in New Orleans on The Real World. I’ve thought a lot about my religion and me this week. Not bad things. Interesting things. I’ve been on a picture taking craze this week. I’ll share one right now. I looked at my account, and I’m quickly running out of space. Oh yeah, I’ve been thinking about revamping this blog. My mind feels like it’s opening up again. This is my first time ever watching Moulin Rouge. I really like it so far. I mean, it’s visually stunning and well-paced. And it’s thoroughly entertaining. Nicole Kidman just fell off a trapeze, and she’s unconscious. And Ewan McGregor. Oh, he’s some man. His singing gives me chills. Probably to offset the overly warm blushing. Le rouge. And my roommate won’t answer my questions about the movie, because she’s “not going to spoil it” for me. Whatever. Sleep has been wonkier than usual this week. That’s pretty interesting. So I guess I’ll finish watching the movie. I’m enjoying it more than I thought. I feel pretty lucky.