Ah, the watershed.

The sweetest coworker I’ve ever had has retired. Her last day was yesterday. It always seemed easy for her to get along with everyone. Whenever I saw her, she’d put a smile on my face with her sheer friendliness. She was always willing to learn the new programs and the new technology, and I know in the past 25 years she’s put up with a lot of people’s crap. Nothing against any one person; just the nature of the business. That’s what one comes to expect in an industry that moves with the economy, is connected to people’s property and livelihood and loved ones. Sometimes this business makes no sense, only revenue. But then, because of that, it makes all the sense in the world. 

My coworker walked around the floor before she left the office yesterday, giving personal goodbyes and thank-yous to everyone. When she stopped by my cubicle, I could hardly believe it. I felt the back of my throat start to constrict, and heat gripped my vocal cords. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and I think we told each other we’d miss each other. It’s all blurry, probably because I was too distracted with making myself not cry. 

I do know I’m going to miss her, though. Probably more than she’ll ever know.

I can only imagine she’s this phenomenal wife and mom, with infinite patience and an easygoingness that has to come with serving so many people over so many years. Now she gets back those 8 hours a day, which she can devote to More Important Things. Good for you, girl.

Happy, happy retirement, Margie!