See, Hear, Sing

Just wanted to post this. I’ve never absolutely hated the Dixie Chicks, regardless of their readiness to make nice. Natalie does a great job harmonizing, though it would have been better if she backed off just a smidge for a more blended sound. You can tell both ladies really enjoy the song, and they seem to click well, as evidenced by Patty’s occasional grins. For someone who has mastered the sad song, her face sure does light up when she smiles. As most people’s. 

Vodpod videos no longer available. My mom thinks this is a weird obsession.

Ooh!  I have another photo to post from New Years:

At one of the best Italian restaurants in the city, in my opinion.

The restaurant gave us those awesome hats. 

And January is almost over already. Which is fine, because it was a long month. And that means I’m that much closer to visiting Austin. And perhaps Jenny visiting. And Sarah coming in 67? (2+31+31+3) days.


2 thoughts on “See, Hear, Sing

  1. What a beautiful song. Patty looks fantastic in green. I see what you mean about Natalie possibly backing off a bit, but it was still nice. Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t seen that!

  2. Before I ever gave Living with Ghosts a good listening-to, I went out and got her 2nd album, Flaming Red. This is the song I had on repeat, the one that pulled at my heart. You know at least a few from each of her albums do that. I know you know.

    One of my all-time faves.

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