Hmm, I’m not quite sure how to do my annual recap. I mean, 2007 was a pretty good year for me. Every year is decent, actually. I’ll just make a list.

won a spelling bee
dated a boy for about 3 seconds
wrote about health bars
began teaching seminary
attended a Patty Griffin concert
became overly (?) obsessive about Patty Griffin
traveled to Florida
traveled to Utah
traveled to Washington, DC
traveled to the Philadelphia area
traveled to Maine for the 3rd Labor Day in a row
started an English usage class
laptop got stolen
broke up with a good friend
started cycling like a maniac
backed off on the exercise a lot and gained major weight
led the music by default once during church 
made a fair amount of smoothies
went 3 times to a karaoke bar without singing
rode my bike on a freeway in Long Island
turned 31
read some amazing books
reading Eat Pray Love right now
bonded with people with So You Think You Can Dance
lived with a gay man
got a NY Public Library card
renewed my permanent resident card
got a NY state ID
attended the temple a bunch
joined facebook
got to see Ray again
finished the Harry Potter series like the rest of the world
made a new friend through LJ
went out with a friend who met and talked to Nelson Mandela
found out who Paul Potts is
helped make videos that are now on YouTube
posted actual polls on LJ
was a member of 3 Google Groups
moved to midtown Manhattan after almost 4 years in Washington Heights
had about 3/4 of my friends move away
felt really bizarre IMing friends in japan
wrote more entries about food
submitted essays to online publications/contests
started eating spirulina
wrote my 1000th entry
started running again
memorized Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
supported the writers strike
went canoeing
went bowling
went to a Mets-Nationals game
vomited for the first time in a really long time
made new friends
went as the Kool-Aid Man for Halloween
finished therapy

Of course, I could make a list of things I didn’t do, but come on. That’s no way to start a new year. I’m just going to keep doing the things I do well, and I’ll improve whatever needs improving. That’s plenty to keep me occupied.

Everyone, have a wonderful and happy New Year!


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