For some reason I decide to peruse the Grammy website. In 2004, The Dixie Chicks won for best country performance by a duo or group with vocal. What performance you ask? They sang “Top of the World.” Who wrote that song? That’s right. Patty Griffin. I’m sure the Chicks do a decent cover, but when I sat down and listened to that for the first time, I cried. I cheered for that little songbird.

I booked my plane tickets for Austin. Now to find a place to stay. I’d like to be close to downtown, at least on Sunday when the race is.

I’m feeling a little bit scatterbrained right now.

I just told my roommate that Julie Andrews is the best at bursting into song. We’re watching The Sound of Music. “My favorite things.” Aww, yeah. Then I said, it’s not even that she’s bursting into song; it’s more like she’s easing into song. As if on cue, she (my roommate, not Ms. Andrews) said, “That’s it exactly.”

Okay, that last part had nothing to do with Austin. The first part did? Well, yeah. Patty lives in Austin.

Now, to tend to the VonTrapps.