Photos from My Trip

I didn’t take pictures of any of the airports. All four (4) of them delayed me. 

Let’s count: LaGuardia, Reagan, Atlanta, Jacksonville.  

These are rather random. I’ll try captioning them appropriately.

King size bed? All for me?Couch and blinds-in chocolate neutrals, all for me?

Beautiful, simplistic bathroom, all for me?Desk, flatscreen tv and faux art, all for me?

I couldn't think of a better pose?All for me, baby. See my cute hair?

Alien pods descending to earth! And a beautiful tree with a train set.Look at the symmetry, folks. The camera was crooked, though.

Only $4 for a pint of WATER? This was in my hote room. Can it get any better than that?A nice display outside the hotel. I almost took it for myself and opened it.

Pretty cool Metro tunnel, eh? I like it.Blurry pillars. I promise I'm not impaired. It's the no-flash feature on the camera!

This is the escalator from the earth's core. Inferno? Interestingly, it surfaces at Dupont Circle.

This is Jenny's wiener dog, Henry. He's wiggly.

Tie antics:

My mom is really hot, people. This is before the tie-tying lesson. See how happy?Oh, dear. What's going on?

Mom's getting the hang of it. Yay!"Hang of it"? That's totally not what I meant.

Imagine these taken in one of those photo booths at the mall:

I really love this photo of myself. Yay for 3 shades of red!
Can we get a smile, please?
Uh, Frank?
I love his perma-smile. Nice work.

Quite possibly the three cutest people in the room. Can you feel the love? This is going on next Year's Christmas card.

A little discussion.

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