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Blue skies, 50 wonderful degrees


61 minutes

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For some reason this week, my muscles decided to wake up. My body decided a while back to be sore on the 2nd day after a workout. So, given my run from Thursday, my quads were a bit tight. And right now? the right side of my bum is spasming. No, it’s not to where you can see it, but it’s enough to bother me, and it hurts somewhat. I don’t know what today’s run is going to do to my body.

The pace was about 10:10. I don’t know why there’s such a difference between the shorter and the longer runs.30 seconds, that’s a pretty big deal. My body has a lot to relearn. It wasn’t bad, though. My stride is short. Way back when I had a longer stride I developed a ticky knee, so I shortened my stride to reduce the chance of injury. Heartbreak Hill was challenging, but definitely conquerable. I didn’t stop. I settled into a rhythm and ignored everyone passing me. I passed only walkers and the moderately to severely gimpy runners. Even then it seemed they’d pass me only to wait for me to catch up to them so they could pass me again. 

The first half hour always goes more slowly than the back 30 minutes, which usually gets me feeling pretty amazing.

I wish the rest of the winter could be like today.

Photos from My Trip

I didn’t take pictures of any of the airports. All four (4) of them delayed me. 

Let’s count: LaGuardia, Reagan, Atlanta, Jacksonville.  

These are rather random. I’ll try captioning them appropriately.

King size bed? All for me?Couch and blinds-in chocolate neutrals, all for me?

Beautiful, simplistic bathroom, all for me?Desk, flatscreen tv and faux art, all for me?

I couldn't think of a better pose?All for me, baby. See my cute hair?

Alien pods descending to earth! And a beautiful tree with a train set.Look at the symmetry, folks. The camera was crooked, though.

Only $4 for a pint of WATER? This was in my hote room. Can it get any better than that?A nice display outside the hotel. I almost took it for myself and opened it.

Pretty cool Metro tunnel, eh? I like it.Blurry pillars. I promise I'm not impaired. It's the no-flash feature on the camera!

This is the escalator from the earth's core. Inferno? Interestingly, it surfaces at Dupont Circle.

This is Jenny's wiener dog, Henry. He's wiggly.

Tie antics:

My mom is really hot, people. This is before the tie-tying lesson. See how happy?Oh, dear. What's going on?

Mom's getting the hang of it. Yay!"Hang of it"? That's totally not what I meant.

Imagine these taken in one of those photo booths at the mall:

I really love this photo of myself. Yay for 3 shades of red!
Can we get a smile, please?
Uh, Frank?
I love his perma-smile. Nice work.

Quite possibly the three cutest people in the room. Can you feel the love? This is going on next Year's Christmas card.