A Moment






Midtown, UN Plaza


Cloudy, 40 degrees



Okay, that’s more like it, a 9:36 pace. After almost a week of not running (only 6 miles last week), I needed to get back into the groove. I didn’t run in Jacksonville, because I wanted to spend as much time with my family as possible, since my vacation was virtually CUT IN HALF. Anecdotes forthcoming.

While running past the United Nations this evening, I willed my mind and heart to be as solemn as possible. It was quiet through the plaza, and most of the lights were on. What the heck, people. Assassins. Ass-asses.

Her martyrdom only deepens her cause. However, I would have liked to see what she would have accomplished given just a little more time. She was only 54, after all.

Now to the familiar pattern of assigning blame and misdirected efforts and perhaps the sad deconstruction of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s dignity to launch into another phase of war.

I wonder how I could make this run in February one for democracy. Or another empassioned cause. A lot of things sure do piss me off these days.

Hey, I could run for striking writers for the environment through new media; and run against the new media whose advertising promotes the online booking of flights that will inevitably be canceled/interrupted except for politicians’ private jets (anti-carpooling!) and other pork barrels which foster international government corruption that ignores hunger, poverty, abuse, education, dissolution of the family, and disease. 

So, who wants to sponsor me?