Sit back, and enjoy the ride …

In reference to today’s little travel hurdle, it seems I’ve been quoted. Here’s the instant message conversation that led up to it:

me: my flight was canceled

i’m rebooked for the am
 Amy: what? seriously?
  the weather was warm!
  are you at the airport or at home?
me: i’m at home
  the plane was having mechanical issues
  it was a direct flight
  and i connect twice tomorrow
  which, whatever.
Amy: whatever= they owe you
  they should have to give you a massage
 me: yeah
 Amy: the whole crew!
 me: i would love that
  oh man
  all my massaging friends are gone 😦
Amy: i bet the pilot gives good massages.
 me: he’d better be cute, too
Amy: and dedicate the flight to you.
 me: yes.
“we’re approaching 30,000 feet, and this flight is all for may!”
 Amy: oh man, yes!

A little discussion.

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