Sit back, and enjoy the ride …

In reference to today’s little travel hurdle, it seems I’ve been quoted. Here’s the instant message conversation that led up to it:

me: my flight was canceled

i’m rebooked for the am
 Amy: what? seriously?
  the weather was warm!
  are you at the airport or at home?
me: i’m at home
  the plane was having mechanical issues
  it was a direct flight
  and i connect twice tomorrow
  which, whatever.
Amy: whatever= they owe you
  they should have to give you a massage
 me: yeah
 Amy: the whole crew!
 me: i would love that
  oh man
  all my massaging friends are gone 😦
Amy: i bet the pilot gives good massages.
 me: he’d better be cute, too
Amy: and dedicate the flight to you.
 me: yes.
“we’re approaching 30,000 feet, and this flight is all for may!”
 Amy: oh man, yes!

Greek Philosophy

My flight was canceled.
It was a direct flight.
I’ve been rebooked for tomorrow morning.
With an itinerary with 2 connections.
One of the layovers is 17 minutes. 
Please pray, cross your fingers for me.

The airline paid for my transportation home.
My driver was a Greek man.
We talked about unions.
Not causing strife between America and your motherland.
Life experience.
The “war against the middle class.”
The ride passed quickly.
He wouldn’t accept my tip.
Wished me luck for flight tomorrow.

Today’s featured Patty lyric:
Waited for you till the snow fell down
Over my skin like a thin nightgown

That’s from “Moon Song.” Supposedly it’s a demo from Children Running Through that never made the album.
It’s a tender, heartwrenching song, with spare, acoustic guitar.  It’s haunting. The imagery of that line seals the deal.
Another nearly perfect tune.

Right now I’m watching VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s. That’s bringing back some serious memories. They’ve mentioned Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” and Counting Crows and Beck and Radiohead (“Creep”) and House of Pain and Live (“I Alone”) and Hansen and MC Hammer and Blackstreet and Salt ‘n’ Pepa and Sinead O’Connor and Weezer and Jamiroquai and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I’m waiting for them to mention Smashing Pumpkins. Ha! Mariah Carey.  Woo! Pearl Jam! Yes! Alanis Morrisette! You oughta know.

Oh, music. Why does it affect us the way it does? I’ll have to check out that one book one day.

I have a bit of anxiety. It’ll be hard to breathe until my feet touch Florida ground tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Flights, cooperate. Please.