Midtown, between 39th and 30th (or so); between 6th and 2nd Avenues


Clear, 31 degrees; wind – 12mph (feels like 22 degrees)


about 30 minutes

All I try to do when I run in the neighborhood is not to stop.  Turn at the red lights; avoid running in place, but keep moving forward.  7:30 seems like a good time; rush hour is mostly over, and it seems people are wrapping up their Christmas shopping.  Also, it’s crazy windy outside; people do not like it.  Good for me, because the sidewalks were less crowded.  I almost backed out of running tonight, but I’m trying to let go of the excuses in my life.  Cold? Windy? So what.  Plus, just about everyone around me is getting sick; I want to prevent that.  Decreasing my sugar intake creates a less friendly environment for bacteria and other germies to feed.  I’ve been taking my multivitamin regularly, drinking lots and lots and lots of agua.  

I also like getting really sweaty when it’s freezing outside.  In your face, winter.  That kind of thing.  I know I’ve worked hard (or overlayered, again), and I feel good fighting the urge to stay inside and eat cookies and chocolate all day.  Now, I’m not one to completely deprive myself, because, that’s not very nice, but I’ve caught a glimpse of overindulgence, and now that I’ve seen both sides of the fence, maybe I’ll water the grass instead of sitting on it.

Friday, I got half a day off work, so I ran some errands: picked up my race stuff for Saturday, did some Christmas shopping.  I started off the shopping with a short run, like I planned.  Note to self:  4:30pm, during Christmas season, is not a good time to jog up 5th Avenue.  Too many stop/starts, and my heart mocked me for being unwise about exercising at that time of day.

Saturday, I ran, I did chores, I went to a Christmas party for church.  I don’t know why I find it so strange to say the best turkey I ever eat seems to be at these parties.  It was perfect.  Moist and perfectly seasoned.  The lady who cooked the birds has a reputation in the congregation for being an excellent cook.  She’s invited me over twice to her home, and I’ve had to turn her down both times.  Always next time.  Bah.  Anyway, I also ate lots of starches and some salad and some vegetables in a casserole.  It was all excellent food.  I wouldn’t know what to bring to a potluck.  I do some okay green beans.  Blanched, some light garlic butter; salt and pepper.  Bright green, of course. Nice and crunchy.  

The party had some musical numbers which were no less than impressive, and we also sang Christmas carols.  Hymns, actually.  Santa or Frosty or Rudolph or decking halls or jingling bells were nowhere to be found.  

Sunday, I sang in the choir.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The 3.5 years I lived in Inwood, I kind of refused to sing.  But down here, I thought I’d give it a shot.  I’m no singer, trained or otherwise, but I enjoy it.  And, I don’t know why, but every year, at some point, “Away in a Manger” brings me to tears.  

I came back home and decided to watch disc 5 of season 4 of Little House on the Prairie, because of the lady who reminds me so much of Mary.  Why do I love that show so much?  Why is it important to cry or laugh heartily during every episode?  Do people still write television like that?  Probably not.  I think we’re way too cynical to keep that kind of a show running today.  Interesting to watch the world evolve through what’s acceptable in television.  Just saying.

Then I decided to make cookies.  Then my roommate and I decided to start putting together a 1,000-piece puzzle.  Then I went to bed and woke up 2 hours earlier than my alarm clock.  Then I was Ms. Crankypants during seminary this morning.  Then I was pretty productive at work, but I could have done better.  Then I came home and chatted with my roommate and went for a run and now I feel a lot better.  And now, it’s time to plan a seminary lesson.