in common

a lady at church really reminds me of mary ingalls.  i’ve expressed before my admiration of both laura and mary.  i haven’t read any of the little house books, but i am steadily watching the series.  i really like mary.  maybe it’s because i identify with her being the eldest child.  maybe i appreciate her wanting to keep things in order and her sense of responsibility for the family.  maybe i can also identify with the slight attitude of being better than everyone else, just because she’s the eldest.  doesn’t necessarily mean smartest; just better.  it’s a funky complex, if it’s a big deal at all.  but more than anything, i really respect mary’s desire to try hard. she does her best.  she’s diligent and compassionate and sensible yet passionate.  she tries to be everything to everyone.  always the idealist, she is.

the lady from church and mary ingalls have similar countenances.  they seem to be always striving to be righteous and a good friend to everyone.  so, no doubt i root for mary ingalls; i’m totally on her side.  so this lady, as far as i’m concerned, i’ll always admire.  she’s cool; she was one of the first people who reached out to me in friendship when i first started going to church in union square.  i can’t speak for anyone else who knows her, but all i know is i am definitely a fan.

oh man, i’m making peanut butter cookies from that “better ‘n peanut butter.”  i’m a little nervous.  also?  i don’t have any eggs.  i went ahead and attempted them anyway.  they’re not too shabby. really.  and they’re better for you.  i won’t even try to say they’re more nutritious, because come on:  there’s still a cup and half of sugar and a cup and a half of butter.  those two ingredients, folks? are why it’s almost impossible to mess up cookies.  grab a glass of milk; let’s chow down and have a nice chat.