Ed? Uh, mommy?

I really like edamame.  At first sight, they don’t look all that appealing: little, furry, green pods.  But, they’re little, furry, green pods!  They’re served hot, having just been steamed, and you put a pod between your teeth, bite down on the seams of the pod, and it spits out the little green soybeans.  They’re tasty soybeans, tender, kinda crunchy; if they were pasta, they would be al dente.  Oh, they’re delicious.  Sometimes they salt the pods, and that’s okay, but I prefer them unsalted, so that I can keep eating without a water break.  I can also eat edamame cold, leftover, as a snack.  I can feel myself getting healthier as I eat them.  I’m defying time, getting younger; my estrogen levels getting to a normal level.

Steamed vegetables are awesome.  I’m partial to green beans, but I also love asparagus.  Peas.  Bean sprouts are great steamed, as well as cold.  Carrots.  Broccoli, cauliflower.  Cabbage, corn, squash.  Mmm, squash. Can I think of any vegetable I absolutely hate?  Nope. Not a one.

Vegetables are actually quite filling, once I give it time to travel, so my tummy can tell my brain that I’m getting full.  Beans, especially, are an excellent source of fiber and protein.  Man, my mouth is watering right now.

Shoot, it’s the holiday season, and some of our clients send us gift baskets with evil goodies to consume.  Like a giant platter of cookies from Veneiro’s.  It was probably 15 inches in diameter, then cookies stacked about 8 inches high.  Chocolate-dipped; chocolate-dipped, jelly-filled; almond biscottis; macaroons; neopolitans.  The link should bring you to some photos of yummy desserts. Look at the bottom plate of cookies.  I ate four from that plate, when was it, Monday?  They were little cookies, though.  Then Wednesday, someone received a pecan pie.  Now, pecan pie was one of my favorites growing up.  Something about all that butter and corn syrup and pecans and the perfect crust.  My mind flashed me those memories, and so I took a small slice on Wednesday.  Thursday, the office building landlord decided to cater a lunch for all the tenants, all 51 floors.  It was really nice.  I stacked onto my plate some salad; little mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes with pesto; roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary; steamed carrots; vegetarian lasagna; and a slice of turkey.  Dessert, a brownie, and a fruit salad with honey, canteloupe and pineapple.  I saved the brownie for last.  So, since my lunch wasn’t all simple sugars, and I ate slowly, I didn’t fall asleep during work afterward.  That always concerns me.

I wonder what kinds of goodies we’ll get next week.  Probably not edamame.