I joke that I want to make out with this one guy.  Yeah, I think he’s cute, and yeah he’s a good friend and lot of fun.  Making out would make it weird.  All I want is a little affection.  Some cuddling.  Or a great big hug.  And I’m not using his name here why?  Because he very well could be a part of my readership and I’d be uncomfortable knowing his knowing I’ve thought about making out with him.  Maybe it’s the season, and maybe sometimes I feel like wanting to share these happy times with someone.  I know that doesn’t necessarily mean smoochapalooza, but man, having someone to be in love with sure would be nice.

I guess I could curl up with a good book instead…  

Folks, I’m going to be in Florida in just over a week!  I haven’t forgotten what anybody looks like, and I know we’ll pick up right where we left off.  I’m looking forward to the quality time.

A little discussion.

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