I joke that I want to make out with this one guy.  Yeah, I think he’s cute, and yeah he’s a good friend and lot of fun.  Making out would make it weird.  All I want is a little affection.  Some cuddling.  Or a great big hug.  And I’m not using his name here why?  Because he very well could be a part of my readership and I’d be uncomfortable knowing his knowing I’ve thought about making out with him.  Maybe it’s the season, and maybe sometimes I feel like wanting to share these happy times with someone.  I know that doesn’t necessarily mean smoochapalooza, but man, having someone to be in love with sure would be nice.

I guess I could curl up with a good book instead…  

Folks, I’m going to be in Florida in just over a week!  I haven’t forgotten what anybody looks like, and I know we’ll pick up right where we left off.  I’m looking forward to the quality time.


First off, I want to say how much I love my friends.  Their passions, their soapboxes, their good intentions sometimes ill-perceived.  It’s what makes the world, my world go round.  I know I’m definitely not perfect, and sometimes my attempts are half-hearted and lame, so I can’t fault anyone else for his/her shortcomings.  . 

I really thought about going for a run this evening.  I planned it out in my mind the layers I’d be wearing.  BECAUSE IT’S RAINING.  When it was 30 degrees last Thursday, it was also relatively dry, with the snow that looked like fairy dust falling from the sky.  But if I can feel the cold dampness right now? through two (2) pairs of socks and a pair of shoes?  I don’t know if an hour in the elements would be very fun.  I considered wearing running tights under a pair of wind/water resistant and reflective running pants (that are also thermal!), a long-sleeved shirt with a water/wind resistant shell that has a hood over that.  I’d wear a cap and ear warmers to make sure the rain stayed away from my face.  I’ve run in worse weather than this.  How’d I get so wimpy?

It’ll be clearer tomorrow.  I’ll go for 2 miles then, and I have a 4-miler on Saturday.  That’ll put me at 13 for the week.  For getting back on track, that’s a decent start.

Good golly, Miss Molly.  My feet are freezing.

The teacher I’m assisting in Union Square is heading out to BYU-Idaho for the winter semester. She’s leaving December 29.   Her replacement has been called, so I’m excited to be working with her.  

Crazy transitions.

I’m procrastinating working on a project.  Sometimes it’s fun to just write without any direction.  More importantly, it can be cathartic.  So there.  I’m nurturing my muse by decongesting creative channels.