Before I Forget:

My Running Mini-goals:  In a month, I’ll have worked up to 10 miles.  That’s not unrealistic, considering I’m already between 4 and 5 miles.  If I increase at 1.5 – 2 mile increments every week, I’ll be set.  At 6 weeks, I’ll be at 12 miles, and that last mile should be a piece of cake.  

I have not wrapped my brain around doing an all-out marathon yet.  That takes a level of commitment I’m not quite ready for.

I tried putting on a certain pair of pants today.  I wore these pants not too long ago.  I managed to put both legs through, but when it came time to button and zip?  Made me mad.  It was early morning, so I quietly folded the pants and put them back in the drawer.  Those are going to fit again.  Properly.  It’s not like I obsess about my weight, but it’s hard not to notice when my body is going through changes, because, originally, there was not a lot of it.  And, to the untrained eye, there’s not a whole lot more now.  I can tell, though.    

What’s funny is I can run quasi-far distances and still feel pretty good.  A 6-7% weight gain (you do the math) and it’s not so bad.  Sure, I can feel I’m heavier, and I manipulate the silver lining by saying at least my legs will be stronger having more of a load to push.  But, I also remember what 89 pounds feels like and know that it’s not a dangerously low weight for my height.  It’s lean.  Lately, I’ve run less frequently and increased the calories, especially bad calories.  The math makes sense.

The other day I wore some trouser socks.  They come up to the knee.  They’re skin tight, with elastic at the hem.  I fell asleep in them, and the elastic seemed either to cut off circulation and/or cut into my skin.  My legs weren’t numb when I woke up, but the socks felt tighter around my legs.  I rolled them down to my ankles, which felt much better.  Now, I have a red-welty line on the backs of both knees.  Note to self:  take off trouser socks before bed.

Something else I wanted to jot down.  Bah, too late.  I already forgot.

A little discussion.

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