oh  crap oh crap oh crap i just registered for the austin half marathon which will be on february 17th and i am really excited about it but i’m nervous at the same time because that gives me two months to get back in shape and let me tell you i fall out of shape much more quickly than working up to long distances and yes i did the brooklyn half nearly two years ago and that wasn’t so bad especially when it was the week after i ran the river run but people train for full marathons in four months so why can’t i train for half as far in half that time it would make sense wouldn’t it plus if i’m going to visit austin i might as well do something athletic while i’m there because that’s what you do you check out the live music scene and eat organic and run or cycle and i figure it will be quite warm there in february which is probably why they’re starting the marathon at 7am oh dear my receipt just arrived via email and now all i have to do is buy an airplane ticket and that should settle some anxiety but hey i’m hoping at least i’ll get to see lisa and meet the kids and doug and i know not to start out with superhigh expectations but i really am looking forward to having a wonderful time there and on top of that i need to do more praying on whether i should really move there what kind of work i can find there where in the city i should live and a lot of the little details i tend to think about but still work themselves out ah the control issues i have that i’m trying to … control but that’s okay and it’s really beautiful here sun’s shining and early last evening it snowed lightly with bigger flakes than wednesday night and i was walking through the heart of the city and it felt magical and i even caught a snowflake on my tongue and the experience of that felt like childhood mostly except that the flake tasted slightly metallic and it occured to me that little flake caught its weight of pollution on its floaty descent to the greatest city in the world and i had to laugh because then i also tasted irony as the cold fleck melted on my tongue.  that metallic taste?  definitely irony.

i ran 5 miles this morning.  i left my mp3 player at work, so i decided to run down to work to pick it up.  i cut across town from 6th avenue all the way to 12th avenue, then i headed south to battery park and i walked to the nearest drug store for water then went to 140 broadway, 40th floor to my little cubicle to pick up the mp3 player where i had left it.  so the training begins.  two months.  i do have to say, though,  i feel pretty good today, so it shouldn’t be so bad.

dang, this is at least the 10th time i listened to “february” and it still brings tears to my eyes.

time to write up some Christmas cards and get the get the snail post to deliver them