i just got back from a run.  it’s 30 degrees outside, and i was out for 40 minutes or so.  i totally overlayered, and i am sa-wet-ta-hee right now.  it’s snowing, too.  sort of.  those little crystalline flakes are falling; like raining glitter. with all the lights in this part of town, it’s really beautiful.  a big swarovsky star, powered up enough to illuminate nearly all of 5th avenue is hanging right in front of trump tower.  that man is such a showoff.  the star is super pretty, though.  oh, speaking of that man, i have a friend at cnn who actually got to touch his hair. it’s real.  sure, it’s shellacked to all get-out, but that hair ain’t gonna move. 

i have more to write. here’s a list, key words only (so i don’t spoil it for you):
path train
new friends

why did i wait three weeks to go running again?  i feel so amazing right now.  some water, then a bite to eat.

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