The Art of the Artist

 I went to an art exhibit of a friend, Lucia Valdez.  She does wonderful work.  I like her brush strokes; I like her attention to detail; I like how her pieces possess bits of her religious philosophy.  Yes, I have a few photos.

This is at the Philippine Consulate on 5th Avenue, between 44th and 45th Streets.  Her 27 pieces hung on the walls.  She completed all of them within this past year.  The sale of her paintings benefits the scholarship fund of her late husband.

Lucia looked so beautiful tonight; so elegant and sophisticated.  Here, she’s talking to a multi-millionaire.  I only know this because she mentioned it.  Plus, look at how he’s dressed, with the tie and cummerbund and matching scarf.  Lucia told me he was interested in a few of her pieces.  I wish I could afford something of hers; it’s always nice to be able to support a friend’s work and passion.

Tonight is supposedly the last time I’d see her.  She told me she’s going somewhere else for church on Sunday.  I’ll have to make an effort to drop by the consulate after work this week to see her again.  

This is probably one of my favorite pieces of hers.  It’s called The Broken Yoke. I believe it’s oil on canvas, and I found the black-and-white incredibly striking.  Look how beautiful and happy she is!  She’s painted and pursued visual arts her entire life.  She’s donated to humanitarian and charity organizations.  She’s been generous to the church.  


Notice the variety of pieces, from stills to landscapes to abstracts.  She uses oils and acrylics and pastels and watercolors.  Her watercolors were impressive, definitely compared to the blurs and smears I attempted in elementary school.  Very professional – I would have expected nothing less.

I have heels on here, a good inch-and-a-half.  Perhaps I’ve considered her another grandmother, since I didn’t get to know my lola very well.  She’s witty and articulate and accomplished.  She’s sweet and faithful.  Did I mention she was a WWII veteran?  She was a member of a medical battalion that helped treat soldiers who contracted typhoid.  She’s my hero.  

I’m really going to miss Lucia.