There’s a famous story in Mormon culture about a man named Johnny Lingo. The most eligible bachelor somewhere in some remote pacific islands. He left for a commercial venture, then it was rumored he was returning to the islands to find a wife. All the families prepared their daughters for his arrival. He came back, and he chose a woman whom the village considered very ugly; he paid 10 cows as dowry for his new wife. The village was incredulous; they thought she was worth 2 cows at best. Still, they continued to make fun of her, and her self-esteem continued to suffer. The couple – Johnny Lingo and Mahana – went away to make a home for themselves. Months later, one of the traders came by to make a delivery. This trader was astonished as it seemed Mahana made an amazing transformation. Her beautiful, long, dark hair was brushed; her face glowed; her smile dazzled. The trader asked Johnny Lingo what caused this change in Mahana. Then Johnny Lingo said something about Mahana always being beautiful; it’s just that she needed help seeing it herself. Yeah, in the older version of this film, Mahana was a babe. It was Johnny Lingo who was supposed to be this dashing, charming, macho man. Instead, the waistband of his lava-lava came way above his belly button. And he sucked in his stomach. I know this isn’t the moral of the story, but it’s distracting.

So, anyway, every year, the single Mormon adults here in NYC hold this short-film festival called the Lingos. I just returned from the event. It’s always really well-attended, and I had a pretty good time. The films ranged from comedy to drama to documentary. The judges handed out awards; and there was viewers’ choice award for our favorite. Here’s what the crowd voted for:

Pretty cute, original idea. Not my favorite, but it was fun.
Here are some of my favorites:

(Be sure to watch the credits carefully in that one. Ahem … IMDB, here I come!)

Here’s just one more (these embeds sure do take up a lot of space). I like the filmwork and the music in this one:

The original Johnny Lingo movie, which I assume was made back in the late 70s or early 80s, was pretty poorly acted and quite cheesy. The dating of the movie should have tipped me off. But, I was 12 or 13 when I first watched it. I can’t say I knew better then. Some of the films tonight followed suit, but others went above and beyond the “standard.”

Here are links to a few more that I could find (there were about 14 in all):
Primary Progress
Dan Asay
Inwood Good Basketball
NY NY Underground
Love to Read
Swiss Days
The Adventures of Mr. Salad-Tong Arm Man

My roommate and I are going to do a video. It’s for her family’s video contest. I’ll post it when it’s done.

What do you think?

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